Mr. FURUTA Haruhisa
In 1951,Mr.FURUTA Haruhisa was born and brought up in Kure city, Hiroshima prefecture. He studied at Keio University which was founded by FUKUZAWA Yukichi and majored in economics.

After graduation, he woked for Nissho-Iwai Corporation, one of representative trading firms, so called, "Sogo Shosha" for fifteen years. He had experienced many jobs such as Overseas Adminstration and Project Plannning in and out of Japan.

During stay in Tokyo,He studied himself how the land and cities of Japan should be in the future and his some essays were awarded the prizes such as Minister of Construction of Green City Awards 7th under the joint sponsorship of Urban Green Space
Development Foundation and The Yomiuri Shimbun

In 1989(The first year of Heisei, new era of Japan),He retired Nissho-Iwai and returned Hiroshima near native place,and set up the private think-tanku-The Setouchi Research Institute in 1990.

Coping with many difficulties and conflicts, he established his identity and philosophy through his research and publication activities. Above all, An encounter with UNESCO world heritage had changed his way of life and thinking.

In 1997, He sets up the Sekaiisan Research Institute.(The "Sekaiisan" in Japanese language means "World Heritage" in English language)

He is very aggressive and steadily building the capacity in every respect.His way of thinking is always interdisciplinary and international.

He appeals the importance to learn the diversity of Nature, Culture and Humanity on earth.

He is also a professor of the Faculty of World Heritage of Cyber University from April 1, 2007.

The Titles and Working Organizations
Head, The Setouchi Research Institute
Director, The Sekaiisan Research Institute
Professor, Cyber University

The Major Research Theme
1.UNESCO World Heritage Studies
2.UNESCO Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity

The Major Publications in the Recent Years

1.An Introduction to World Heritage Studies
2.World Heritage Guide Series
3.Hokoreru Kyodo Guide Series

The Spoken Languages
Japanese, English, French

Contact Address
3-4-3, Misuzugaoka-midori , Saeki-ku, Hiroshima-city, Japan


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